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Funeral Home Profile

A Short History

The Andrew D. Ferguson Funeral HomeThe Ferguson Funeral Home was founded by Andrew D. Ferguson Sr. in Uniontown, Pennsylvania over 80 years ago. The newspaper described the senior Ferguson as being a community leader and a truly caring professional. In 1961 Andrew D. Ferguson Jr. took over the responsibilities of the funeral home and continued the tradition of friendly, caring service which he grew up with. In 1988 the third generation joined in, preparing for dramatically changing times in the funeral industry.

Our philosophy

Funeral Directors Jack McFadden, A.D. Ferguson Jr, Andrew D. Ferguson IIIAndrew D. Ferguson III and his father strive to meet the special needs of area families in the ever-changing, complex modern world. Friends know they can depend on the Fergusons. The community trusts the Fergusons. Because of the Fergusons' kindness and sincere care, many families have pulled through difficult times and found new hope and support. Today the Ferguson Funeral Home continues to serve the community with the traditions which it has always had.

Our facilities

The Andrew D. Ferguson Funeral HomeThe 8200 square foot handicapped-accessible mansion was built in 1900 and houses a library and resource center, preplanning office, conference room, and several reception areas and lounges. It also has a sheltered portico for weather-free entry. The Victorian manor's home-style atmosphere preserves the tradition of dignity and integrity on which the Fergusons pride themselves.

Our services

Community News (copyright 1995 Herald-Standard Newspapers Inc.)The Ferguson family offers many different programs and services to support the needs of the local community. Whether you are looking at the community, thinking of preplanning a funeral, or dealing with the grief that comes when a loved one is departed, you will find help within the all-encompassing care which the Ferguson Funeral Home provides.



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